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Skills inventory : Employability Skills Profile of staff in middle management

In the context of rapid changes and globalisation, the competitive edge of the company depends both on individual and team efficiency. In such, middle management has a strategic role catalyzing staff performance. Some of the issues to be addressed are the following:
  • Do people involved in middle management deploy the skills actually needed by the company?
  • Have they been recruited not only on the basis of skills needed at a given time but also because of potential for growth in an ever-changing environment?
  • What competencies not presently required in the work context but which could be utilised both for the benefit of company and professional development of the employee in the near future?

Therefore, identifying and assessing employability skills of such key persons are important. We have more than 20 years experience accompanying international companies and institutions setting up systems for strategic human resource management and development.

The employability skills profile: approach and methodology

We propose online, a skills inventory checklist for middle management based on our expertise in human resources management and development. It helps assessing key competencies and employability skills of staff deployed or to be deployed in middle management (head of human resources, director of marketing, project director, head of training…). The test is based on recent research conducted in France and internationally in the field of strategic competencies for employability.

Designed with the participation of occupational psychologists, the skills inventory has been validated in France, the UK, Mauritius…

The inventory consists of 110 items. The person or the company send an email specifying his job and work sector. He is given an ID & a password to have access to the test online. The assessment process would take about 20 to 25 minutes. Detailed results are sent illustrated by graphics. They highlight the dominant skills and employability profile of the person. Areas for development are suggested as well as potential for growth.

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